“Tort Marcello” on TV

Tort Marcello made it into the news! April 3, 2024 my book was presented in a widely popular news program called Telexpress, which is broadcast daily at 5 p.m. on TVP 1.

(Photo by Dayne Topkin)

TVP 1 is the first channel of Telewizja Polska, a Polish public television station. As of 2022, Teleexpress is the third most watched news program in Poland with an average audience of 2.29 million people. It means that more than 2 million people learned yesterday about my book. I am overwhelmed by this number!

Material on Tort Marcello was prepared by Mateusz Trojan, shooting by Mateusz Wiącek. You can watch it here (PL).

Below a rough translation:

The global stars of contemporary cinema could envy the actresses and primadonnas who lived in the 19th century. Dr Agata Łuksza writes about love for 19th century actresses in her book ‘Tort Marcello’. The tort Marcello of the title was created in honour of Helena Marcello – a beloved actress of the Warsaw Theatres in the late 19th century. Creating desserts in honour of actresses and primadonnas was just one of the common forms of their cult. The author of the book shows that it is no coincidence that the term ‘fan’ comes from the word ‘fanatic’. In the 19th century, love for the priestesses of the arts could have the force of an element. – Who were the fans and fangirls in the 19th century? Who were their idols? Who did the young Stefan Żeromski go to the theatre to see when he was studying in Warsaw, and who did Henryk Sienkiewicz fall head over heels in love with? What did Marcello cake taste like a hundred years ago and what does it taste like today? I invite you to a sensory reading – says dr Agata Łuksza.






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